Shameless Recap S1E2-7

So the last time I talked about Shameless, it was season 1 episode 1. Well I wasn’t exactly watching season one anymore as I was talking about it, I had actually just finished season three. My bad. But as of this exact moment I just finished season five and I figured I’ll wait a little before watching six. Mostly because I have a lot of work to catch up on and I also can’t write about the show and keep skipping whole seasons lol. SO I’ll make recaps of each season until I reach season six highlighting the important information.

Season 1 Recap:

Episode 2, “Frank the Plank”: Frank wakes up in Canada after blacking out and doesn’t have any way to get back home. Turns out Steve actually kidnapped Frank and left him in Canada because he thought he was doing the family a favor. And then Fiona punches him. Frank is the family’s problem and Steve has no right to do what he did, no matter how bad of a father Frank is. I didn’t take this as a sign of chivalry from Steve, it just showed his cocky attitude and I knew this relationship was just going to be FULL of drama. Of course Fiona demands Steve to go and smuggle Frank back in.

Episode 3, “Aunt Ginger”: Frank has been cashing his Aunt Ginger’s social security checks for himself for the past 12 years. The real Aunt Ginger is buried in the backyard. SO when someone from the government comes by to make sure Ginger is the one cashing the checks, the family comes up with a plan to “borrow” an old lady from the retirement home Veronica works at. Lucky for them, the old lady has dementia so this works in their favor and they get away with it. Also, Fiona dumped Steve after his Canada stunt and began dating a childhood friend who is a cop in the neighborhood, Tony. Tony is a good guy, I like Tony.

Fiona and Tony

Episode 4, “Casey Casdon”: Aunt Ginger had to go back to the retirement home which made Debbie really upset and really lonely. So she kidnapped a toddler that was having a birthday party in the neighborhood, following the example her family led from kidnapping Aunt Ginger. What makes this difficult is that Fiona is now dating a cop, who is searching for this missing boy and the family has to create yet another elaborate plan to return the boy home and not have anyone end up in jail. Also Steve is trying to get back with Fiona.

Episode 5, “Three Boys” & Episode 6, “Killer Carl”: In “Three Boys” Frank meets with his doctor whom finds a suspicious lump on his scrotum which makes Frank thinks that he’s dying. He’s not, but he lives the day as if he is. Kevin and Veronica are tight on cash and hatch a scheme to get married and inherit the money Veronica’s father left for her… I believe it was only $50. In “Killer Carl” Carl is bullying other students and gets suspended. To avoid expulsion, the principal demands to see a parent, which Carl is lacking. Steve saves the day by smoking weed with the principal, but Frank disappoints his family once again because he ends up going to a parent teacher conference for his girlfriends daughter, and not his own son. The daughter is Karen, Lips” girlfriend” who gave Ian oral that first episode underneath her kitchen table. Karen’s mother is Sheila, the lovely woman who has agoraphobia and has been taking care of Frank since episode 3. I hope you guys understood that.

Kevin and Veronica at their wedding

Episode 7, “Frank Gallagher: Loving Husband, Devoted Father.”: Ever watch Prison Break? I love when actors from other shows that I’ve watched are in new shows that I love. It makes me feel apart of something I guess lol. Well in this episode, Robert Knepper (who played T-Bag in Prison Break), is after Frank for not paying up on a scheme they did a few years ago. To escape, he asks his family to help him fake his own death. Can’t pay a thug back if you’re dead! After Steve helped Carl last episode, Fiona took him back and left nice guy Tony (she would have ruined him to be honest), and they spend a night in a fancy hotel. Steve steals expensive cars for a chop shop and this is why he always has money, but while they are away, baby Liam is being watched by Sheila. Liam accidentally goes outside in the front yard which causes Sheila to have a breakthrough with her agoraphobia and she goes outside to get him. I cried lol. And lastly Ian has been sleeping with his boss at the Kash and Grab (the neighborhood corner store), who is married with two kids. His wife installs cameras in the store because they’re getting robbed, and one of the cameras move and catches Ian and his boss having sex in the store. She watched it. Now they’re in trouble.


And that is where I’ll end this blog! My next post will finish the season.


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