Shameless Recap S1E8-12

Continuing the season recap of Shameless:

Episode 8, “Its Time to Kill the Turtles”: After Frank’s millionth time to the emergency room from blacking out drunk, a doctor offers him three grand to stop drinking for two weeks for a study. Frank accepts which excites Debbie and Carl believing he’ll stay sober and be a better father, however Lip knows he can’t do it and tries to soften the blow for his younger siblings. Ian and his boss have stopped seeing each other and Ian has started seeing Mickey Milkovich, a neighborhood thug who refuses to admit that he is gay to his family and to himself. Mickey’s sister Mandy is dating Ian, but for show since she knows that he is gay… but not dating her brother. We find out that Steve is actually Jimmy and he’s from a wealthy family, that he’s lying too about attending medical school. Debbie doesn’t trust Steve though. Also Kevin and Fiona adopted a twelve year old girl who turns out to be from a Mormon polygamous cult.

Ian and Mickey

Episode 9, “But At Last Came a Knock”: Frank pulled a scheme a few years ago with his ex-wife Monica and the insurance money has finally come in. Frank’s lawyer tells him he won’t get a dime unless Monica is present to also sign for the money. Monica returns to the family but she is a lesbian dating a black woman names Bob and they want to take Liam and raise him. The episode ends with an emotional fight between Monica and Fiona where Fiona leaves and stays with Steve in the house he bought for them, right next door. Debbie discovers Steve secret family and warns him to tell Fiona. Ian and Mickey get caught having sex by Ian’s boss at his store and Mickey threatens to hurt him if he snitches. Lip helps Steve out on job to get some quick cash to buy concert tickets for Karen. Yea, him and Karen are a thing.

Episode 10, “Nana Gallagher had an affair”: Monica and Bob get a paternity test for Liam in order for them to take him. Liam is actually Frank’s son, which is very funny seeing that Liam is a black child. Feeling inspired, Lip and Ian also take a paternity test and its revealed that Ian is not Franks son, but he is the son of one of Franks brothers. Karens father Eddie promises to give her a car if she rededicates herself as a virgin at a “Purity Ball”. At the ball she tells all of her sexual acts and her father calls her a whore. Heartbroken, she destroys her fathers belongings and Sheila kicks Eddie out the house. Monica and Bob get into it again with the family over the custody of Liam but eventually realizes that Fiona and the kids are never going to give him up and they leave without Liam. Some background on Monica though is that she is bipolar and has manic depression which is one of the reasons she left her family two years prior.

Karen and her father Eddie

Episode 11, “Daddyz Girl”: Frank’s workers compensation expires and he looks for another job to get hurt at to get his workers comp back. He just ends up hurting his hand which isn’t enough, but he’s high on medication. Karen is lashing out because of her father and to get revenge she creates a video diary titled “Daddyz Girl” and has sex with a drugged and unresponsive Frank on camera. Yea, live on camera. With her boyfriends father who is also her mothers boyfriend. Just messy. During this Lip and Ian are off searching for Ian’s real dad, whom they find but Ian is reluctant to get to know him. Fiona promised Debbie to help out at her school and she meets Jasmine (Amy Smart), a mom whose giving off a weird bisexual vibe. She does kiss Fiona on the lips and leaves without saying anything about it.

Episode 12, “Father Frank, Full of Grace”: Remember Tony? The cop who’s crazy for Fiona… well he’s been following Steve around to find out what he does for a living and catches him stealing a car. Tony beats him up and tells him to leave Chicago without Fiona or he’ll send him to jail. Steve is a punk and asks Fiona to leave with him for Costa Rica. Fiona feeling conflicted packs a suitcase and makes it to the train station but can’t bring herself to go, which is pulling at the audience’s conflict of wanting Fiona to be happy but knowing the family needs her. One can never call Fiona selfish. During the episode Tony had called the cops on Steve seeing one of Steve’s stolen cars driving past him, but it turns out to be Lip and Ian who had borrowed the car. They get arrested and spend a night in jail.  Tony has to pull some strings to get them out with Steve paying for their bail. Eddie, Karen’s dad, sees the video of her and Frank and goes to kill Frank. His coworkers also end up watching the video and and ashamed Eddie commits suicide. This whole episode was just emotional. Great season finale.

The family, Kev, Veronica and Tony after bailing Lip and Ian out

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