The Walking Dead: “Say Yes”

Yes, I’m a Richonne shipper and this episode was just what I needed. I LOVE THEM!!!! I’m going to be biased and only talk about them for this blog so heads up.

Rick and Michonne finally get some alone time by going on a scavenger hunt for food and weapons for their deal with Jadis and the Hipster Clan. They aren’t having much luck finding supplies, but they are relieving some of the stress with all the sex they have in the back of that rusted van. All the kisses and hugging and climbing on top of each other is  a refreshing thing to see in this show. Especially since Glenn and Maggie were “our” couple for a minute, (crying face). Feeling frustrated and worrying about the others, Michonne is ready to head back but Rick keeps urging her to spend a few more days out looking. They exchange a cute moment when they talk about this. There’s also this deer that leads them to a small theme park, (think of Zombieland) where they have to clear out the dead, so they get on top of a roof while Michonne is killing them off with a sniper that they found on a walker. Then they fall through the roof… and laugh! That was the best moment of this whole episode, I don’t care.


When they fall, they see that they are surrounded by tons of food and water, which is lucky for them right? They end up having chili mac-and-cheese by the candlelight and here they have a talk about their future. But their future is also the future of the people and Rick tells her that he doesn’t want to lead people anymore. He would prefer to lead with her by his side. On the talking dead, Yvette Nicole Brown brought up the theory that this scene was them exchanging their wedding vows. In the episode they got married and are having their honeymoon the only way Rick and Michonne in a zombie apocalypse can.the_walking_dead_season_7_episode_12_4.0

The next day when they get ready to clear out the walkers at the park, Rick sees the deer they followed and climbs a ferris wheel to kill it. He falls and gets swarmed by walkers but Michonne is too far and dealing with her own walkers to be able to help, but by the time she reaches she watches in horror as Rick gets eaten by walkers. Of course WE know Rick ain’t going out like that, he pulled a Glenn and went under some trash while the walkers were eating the deer. Michonne wasn’t aware and let’s her guard down and almost gets herself killed, but Rick jumped out from his hiding place and threw Michonne her sword and they killed off the walkers like a badass couple. Their embrace after was filled with such love and it just makes me joyful that they have each other.


The last bit of their alone time is spent in the van with Rick further telling Michonne that he doesn’t want to lead anymore. He starts with describing his guilt over Glenns death, how Glenn was the the one who saved his life in the very beginning (tears) and how he wasn’t able to save Glenn. But he knows that they can’t live a life under Negan and he’s ready to fight but he tells her;”If it’s me who doesn’t make it, you’re gonna have to lead the others forward because you’re the one who can.” These interactions, however few we get them, reminds us that these are people with FEELINGS and DESIRES and we can’t expect them to always be the badass walker killers we want them to be. Seeing people care and love for a significant other with simple pleasures, such as having a dinner, is a rarity and when it happens it’s meaning goes deeper. This is why I loved Maggie and Glenn. And this is why I love Rick and Michonne.



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  1. Completely agree. I really felt like this episode was a fresh breath of air. RIck and Michonne finally smiled in what seemed like forever and the characters we loved so much we humanized again. It gave me hope again that Neegan (hate him SOOO much btw) can be defeated.

    Great Post!

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