Shameless Recap Season 2

 Summer, summer, summertime! Its summertime for the Gallagher’s and we get to see how they operate without school keeping the kids busy. Frank is already off to a shitty start of course. He loses a stupid bet for $10,000  with some guys at the Alibi and since he couldn’t pay up, he used Liam for sympathy but they took him as collateral. Fiona and the gang rescue Liam eventually, with no help from Frank, who’s still staying with Sheila. Sheila is actively working on overcoming her agoraphobia while also looking for Eddie, (who committed suicide in the season 1 finale). Lip falls in love with Karen, who is now attending sex addicts anonymous meetings and is in a relationship with Jody whom she met at the meetings. Lip is also running a fight club, attending summer classes at a college and selling weed and alcohol out of an ice cream truck with Kevin. Apparently they do this every summer. Fiona and Veronica are waitressing at a club. Fiona rebounded with a guy who looks a little like Steve, just taller. Ian is still working at the Kash and Grab, but he’s waiting for Mickey to get out of jail. In the meantime he wants to attend West Point, and Lip helps him out with the grades needed to get in. Debbie runs a babysitting service in the house with the help of Carl and they actually make a decent amount of money. Now, that we’re all caught up…

Frank: He’s trying to win over Dottie, a fellow Alibi customer who is dying and waiting for a heart transplant. She has a big insurance payout if she dies and thats all Frank is after. Dotties pager goes off notifying her that there is a heart available, but Frank tells the doctors that she already died and doesn’t need a heart anymore. But Dottie never intended to give Frank her insurance money, but she gives him a few grand for him to  have sex with her and then she dies. Franks mother (Grammy) is released from prison and brought to their house and has Frank help her extort an old friend for money. They have a terrible relationship, but she loves her grandchildren and takes care of them financially before she dies. Monica also comes back toward the end of the season and causes a rift in the household. On thanksgiving she attempted to commit suicide in the kitchen, which all the children witnessed and was put under suicide watch at the hospital. Until Frank planned to break her out, which he did, and then she left him.

Frank and Dottie

Fiona: During her fling with her rebound, she reconnects with a high school crush who is married with children now. They have sex, and the wife finds out and threatens Fiona’s life. After that drama, Jasmine (the woman she met at Debbie’s school) sets her up with an older guy but that doesn’t last long. With  all this happening, Debbie breaks out in a rash caused by stress, which Fiona feels is her fault for giving her so much responsibility. Steve comes back from wherever, married to Estefania who doesn’t speak English and he goes on a double date with Fiona and her rebound guy. They have sex in the bathroom and thats the end of Fiona’s relationship. Fiona kicked Lip out the house because he dropped out of school, but they make a deal that she would get her GED if he finishes high school. Steve/Jimmy’s wife is the daughter of a drug lord who is his boss, and they got married so she can get her citizenship in the country. Estefania already has a boyfriend, whom Steve helps to find in order to get back in Fiona’s good graces, which he does.

Fiona and Steve/Jimmy

Lip: Jealous of Jody, Lip tries to sabotage him and Karen’s relationship, but Jody asks her to marry him and she says yes. Also Karen is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is, but Lip swears it’s his and wants to take care of it so he drops out of school to find a job. Karen decides to give the baby up for adoption, but only to a family that will pay her a lot of money. He goes with her to a bunch of adoption agencies but doesn’t like how she’s treating the situation. She marries Jody though. Karen gives birth to the baby on Thanksgiving, but he turns out to have autism, and is Chinese.

Frank, Fiona, Jody and Karen

To be continued…


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