Shameless Recap Season 2 cont.

Ian: Mickey is released from jail and Ian helps him get a job at the Kash and Grab. They get caught having sex by Frank and Mickey wants to kill him so Frank won’t tell anyone. Instead he punches a police officer which lands him back in juvie. Ian is still trying to get into West Point with the help of Lip, but the soldier that Lip is in contact with is more interested in him than Ian which pisses Ian off. Ian is now giving Lip the silent treatment. Ian meets an older business man named Ned and they hook up a few times.

Debbie/Carl: They both are going through puberty and want more space around the house. Debbie breaks out in a nasty rash caused by stress since she has been taking on a lot of responsibilities at the house lately. She has also been making friends with elderly people at the retirement home Veronica works at and when one of them dies, she becomes obsessed with death. When Steve/Jimmy comes back, Debbie tells Fiona of his true identity. Steve coaches Carl’s football team, when their coach gets arrested. Carl’s also been hanging out with another bad kid from the neighborhood and on Thanksgiving while they are shooting birds, Carl shoots a bald eagle.

Kevin/Veronica: Kevin wants to buy the Alibi room since the owner, who is a demential racist war veteran, is dying, but Veronica isn’t sure he is ready for that. V begins suspecting that Kevin is cheating on her, but it turns out that he has been meeting with a tutor to help him learn how to read and write. Ethel, their foster daughter runs away with Malik and their children with the weed that Kevin grew over the summer.

That’s the season.


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