President Cyrus Bean (A Scandal)

I’m writing this with the assumption that you are all caught up with Scandal up to the current season (six) and episode (seven). I watched the season premiere and then completely fell off track. I’m trying to make more time for it now so when the time comes I am able to write about the mid-season/season finale. To give me time to catch up, I’m going to write about the events up to what I’ve seen at this moment which is episode three. Here we go…


Cyrus is the main suspect in the murder of Frankie Vargas, and Olivia and the team are desperately trying to provide evidence to get him arrested so Mellie can be President. In episode two, I kept saying that Cyrus didn’t kill Frankie because it was being pushed too hard, (and also way too obvious). I just finished watching episode three and I’m sticking with my conclusion. Here are my theories:

1. Cyrus Bean didn’t kill Frankie Vargas:

Let’s say good ole’ Cy has changed a bit and really has a soft spot for Francesco. He couldn’t do anything to hurt him because he really believes Frankie will make a great President. But he still will do what he has to do to make sure that no one distracts his golden boy. Maybe Cyrus didn’t kill Frankie or even Jessica, but he probably did do something bad just not on the scale of murder. Cyrus has been a very patient man waiting for so long to come this close to being in power, so I don’t think he would blow his opportunity to be Vice President and maintain a good relationship with Frankie. So when it was revealed at the end of episode three that Cyrus didn’t intentionally plan to be VP, that Frankie genuinely chose him, this theory could actually be true. Cyrus didn’t manipulate anyone to be VP. Someone finally valued him enough to put him first.


2. Cyrus Bean killed Frankie Vargas:

Or Cyrus is the snake in the grass we always knew him to be and we are all Eve. Cyrus is not going to settle for being Vice President after all that he’s been through. Being VP is just the stepping stone to what he finally has in his reach. Frankie won, and what more could push his chance of being president than the sympathy votes. The only loophole with this is that why wouldn’t he just wait a few months after January until assassinating Frankie. Would of been a sure thing for him to be President then. But he could of just been really confident that Mellie would lose and that Olivia wouldn’t gather any evidence (that’s why he Killed Jessica) to prove him guilty.


Let’s talk about Tom though lol. I miss the days where Tom was just that bodyguard that we loved and that always held it down when it came to Liv and Fitz. Now he’s walking around big and bad and making threats! He is dangerously obsessed with Cyrus and is willing to do whatever to make him happy. Threatens Cy to gain attention, causes some drama once back in his life to make it exciting but goes too far and is banished once again. Sounds like an ex… right? When we found out that Cy only ordered Tom to scare Jessica a little bit and not beat her up, it felt as if that was the secret Cyrus was hiding, that was his guilt. Tom then confessed to killing Frankie under the order of Cyrus, and off to jail they go. Now, it’s either something happened in that blackout when Tom knocked Cy out, or he had a religious breakthrough and couldn’t do wrong in this world no more.

And one of my favorite lines this episode was when Cyrus was talking with Olivia in a flashback and said “I’m no longer the troll under the bridge who grunts and snorts, there’s lipstick on this pig now… look at the monkey dance.” Dang Shonda, you really got me tossing and turning here. I do have a question for the readers though. Do you think Cyrus would make a good President? Explain.


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