What If…? (Scandal SPOILERS)

What if Olivia said no to rigging the election and Fitz never became president? This episode answers all the major life changes that would have happened in two years time after that one decision. Olivia has a small non-profit organization with Marcus (since “you know who” can never be brought back to the show) and Abbie and they are currently working on criminal justice reform. Fitz actually left Mellie after he lost the election, married Liv and has a political talk show that’s not doing so well. Cyrus never came out as gay and ended up marrying Mellie, but he was secretly seeing James before. Huck is still severely traumatized from being in B6-13 and now watches reality T.V. Lindsay aka Quinn never had Olivia to inspire her to become a gladiator so she became famous off a reality T.V show… the one that Huck watches. Abbie and David Rosen are happily married. Papa Pope is most likely still running B6-13 and is in charge of Mellie’s campaign. And Jake not surprisingly is apart of the CIA and is still good friends with Fitz.

       Of course not everything is as perfect as we would hope, but things definitely aren’t any where near the level of tragic that it’s at presently. Everyone’s problems are on a more tolerable scale if I should say, but sadly some of them aren’t content, which is life. Mellie is now the one trapped into becoming president, with Papa Pope and Cyrus using sleazy methods to get her there. Lindsay aka Quinn seems lost and insecure feeling as if she needs a man to make her happy, which is far from the Quinn we know. Liv and Fitz are going through a rocky patch and she finally reveals Defiance to him. She gets ready to divorce him, but in the end he realizes how selfish he his, and she choses love. A decision I’m still unsure if it was the right one for her, because let’s be honest; will this be enough for Liv? She was destined for more, and not to say marriage will hold her back, but it’ll definitely be more of a challenge. However as long as Liv is happy, I’m happy.

Plus, Liv is wearing her hair natural and I’m all the way here for it… I just wish she would also do it even when she’s a gladiator in white.

Abbie and Liv

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