What If…? (Scandal SPOILERS)

A quick recap of episode 10 "A Decision"


I Can Do Both: Being a Black Blogger

My assignment for this week is just to write a short blog post and since talking about shows requires a few hundred words, I figured I'll quickly explain why I chose to center my blog around entertainment. My mother. That's it. It's all her fault as to why I'm addicted to TV and movies because... Continue Reading →

President Cyrus Bean (A Scandal)

I'm writing this with the assumption that you are all caught up with Scandal up to the current season (six) and episode (seven). I watched the season premiere and then completely fell off track. I'm trying to make more time for it now so when the time comes I am able to write about the... Continue Reading →

Shameless Recap Season 2 cont.

Ian: Mickey is released from jail and Ian helps him get a job at the Kash and Grab. They get caught having sex by Frank and Mickey wants to kill him so Frank won't tell anyone. Instead he punches a police officer which lands him back in juvie. Ian is still trying to get into... Continue Reading →

Shameless Recap Season 2

 Summer, summer, summertime! Its summertime for the Gallagher's and we get to see how they operate without school keeping the kids busy. Frank is already off to a shitty start of course. He loses a stupid bet for $10,000  with some guys at the Alibi and since he couldn't pay up, he used Liam for... Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead: “Say Yes”

Yes, I'm a Richonne shipper and this episode was just what I needed. I LOVE THEM!!!! I'm going to be biased and only talk about them for this blog so heads up. Rick and Michonne finally get some alone time by going on a scavenger hunt for food and weapons for their deal with Jadis... Continue Reading →

Shameless Recap S1E8-12

Continuing the season recap of Shameless: Episode 8, "Its Time to Kill the Turtles": After Frank's millionth time to the emergency room from blacking out drunk, a doctor offers him three grand to stop drinking for two weeks for a study. Frank accepts which excites Debbie and Carl believing he'll stay sober and be a better... Continue Reading →

So the last time I talked about Shameless, it was season 1 episode 1. Well I wasn't exactly watching season one anymore as I was talking about it, I had actually just finished season three. My bad. But as of this exact moment I just finished season five and I figured I'll wait a little... Continue Reading →

Return of the Walking Dead

Sunday, February 12th the mid-season seven premiere of my all time favorite show, The Walking Dead, returned. Titled "Rock in the Road", this episode is all about gaining allies to help in the fight against Negan. Rick and his gang head to the Hilltop, the place where Maggie, Sasha and Enid are staying, to try... Continue Reading →

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